About Us

Mom’s Notes inspired by families, for families. 

This magazine was established in 2012 and has since developed in accordance with modern tendencies to address the challenges modern Moms face on a daily basis. We once needed advice on everything from what to make for supper, to how to stimulate our children. With all the modern technology and information at our disposal with the press of a button on our smart phones, these questions have been asked and answered. In our haste, we however started to neglect important issues. We forgot that we were Women before we were Wives, we were Women before we became Moms. We forgot the importance of the special bond between partners. We were Partners before we became Parents.

The aim of the content of this special magazine, is to focus on family dynamics and well-being to the benefit of both parents and children.

Marketing Agency

The Agency that puts it all together……

TwoRedPens is a Nelspruit based Marketing agency specialising in graphic design and development, website design, strategic marketing, advertising, social media marketing as well as corporate event management. The company was established in 2011 and through the years pioneered, as one of the leading marketing agencies in the Lowveld.


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